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LegalTech StackShare

Building the future of law. Together.

Why add your stack?

In addition to your core subscription benefits, join our shared LVN to:

  • Promote Peer & Market Driven Standards. 

  • Differentiate in a commoditized market by displaying a commitment to better client service through technology & enhance compatibility with in-house client applications.

  • Access premium vendor insights and receive tailored recommendations + RFP.

  • Enhance compliance with our TPRM solutions.

  • Sell your technology solutions to improve client service.

  • Educate students, prospective employees and tomorrows leaders to gain proficiency in your technology stack.

    Accessible only by firms and in-house legal*

What others are saying?

Technology is becoming more critical to how well firms meet client expectations.

By 2022, 81% of corporate legal departments will require prospective law firms to describe their technology use to be more productive and efficient – nearly double the rate of 41% asking this today.

Credit Wolters Kluwer**


Combining workflow, SSO and utilization tracking in a single digital gateway will reduce the costs associated with numerous redundant subscriptions–opening a new door to innovation.


In-House COO, Citizens

Firms should help their clients understand the transformational technologies that affect their business and promote digital solutions for routine matters.


CKO - AM Law 100

The obstacles impeding shared vendor knowledge have been blown away. Collaboration can bring about the standardization we need for broader adoption.

Law Firms Keep Us in the Dark on Legal Tech, Complain General Counsel: Credit LAW.COM

Many in-house counsel feel law firms are guarding their legal tech offerings too closely. 

'I never, ever get tech solutions offered by firms,' says one in-house legal head, while several others believe products are too closely guarded.

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