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Enterprise LTS

The world’s first legal tech stack intelligence platform

Enterprise Legal Tech Stack intelligence provides the technology system of record for large enterprises running many practice specific tech stacks. Streamline procurement and eliminate silos so your team can stop tech sprawl and make data-driven technology decisions about which technologies to use and when.

Legaltech stackshare enterprise

Enterprise value

  1. Gather and manage all your software.
    Centralize access with your own private stackshare. Track and increase utilization. Identify areas of overspend. Eliminate shelf-ware and shadow-IT. 


  2. Access our Legal Tech Marketplace
    Enjoy the benefits of our cloud marketplace membership. Streamline procurement with new tools like RFP and scale with tailored recommendations, premium vendor insights and special offers – all covered by our satisfaction guarantee!

  3. Integrate your workspace.
    Deliver solutions to end users within their workflow.

How it works?

Theorem LTS streamlines law firm and legal department technology adoption by helping them Buy, Track and Connect their firm’s software.

We help legal teams identify new tools in our marketplace, track all their software subscriptions through our platform, and get those tools talking to each other to increase utilization.

In one simple signup flow, firms get the immediate benefit of creating a single portal for all their technology so that their people can discover and access it––all while capturing the who, what, when, where and why for each tool.

With Theorem, firms can save an average of 15 percent of their SaaS spend in the first year by discovering unused licenses. Your legal team’s new Theorem portal will help you identify gaps and overlap in your software stack, while helping your end-users answer the following:

  • When Should I use a tool?

  • How does this tool help me better serve the client?

  • What personnel/groups use what tools? In what locations?

  • Which professionals at my firm use this tool? How is it used?

Read our full piece on solving legaltech adoption

Create Your Single Platform for Legal Technology Engagement

Gather & centralize your technology from every group and office at the firm in your own private stack share.

Features & Upgrades:

  • Secure Access w/ Single Sign-On

  • Manage and track sign-in / utilization 

  • Manage supplier contracts and renewals 

  • Identify Shadow IT Spend

  • Experience and intelligence capture

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Premium Solution Store

Access premium vendor data to better vet solutions and receive answers to the questions you care about:

• See market pricing

• Peer ratings

• Number of peer firms using

• More…


Discover Top Company Stacks

Discover our Premium Firm Ecosystem and benchmark your company’s technology adoption. Access peer insights, better understand industry tool usage.

Plus, add a vendor account to 
Sell Your Digital Products/Services and promote your technology use to clients.

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