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Will Theorem and participating apps work with my existing stack?

Yes! Easily connect to virtually any third party technology or data source to drive connected and intelligent processes with a unique Universal Connector + machine learning.

Our platform enables legal operations teams to enhance service delivery without introducing new systems, forms, or processes–while granting access to a whole new world of alternatives, connections and collaboration.

Our goal is to increase utilization of your current stack, while detecting redundancy and enabling new solution compatibility with your core suite–ensuring flexibility for your organization. No more one-off integration requests and implementation delays.

How Firms get value from Theorem?

Theorem is your single platform for LegalTech. For the first time firms can gather and build connections with the technology they use across their offices, anywhere in the world. Manage, Purchase, Track and Connect–All in one platform.

  • Increase engagement/utilization of technology. Identify shelfware & reduce spend.
  • Scale procurement, connection & automation with our marketplace, universal connectors, and workflow engine.
  • Meet your security and compliance requirements.
  • Competitive intelligence & insights.
  • Build your own network and management portal
+ Premium Insights | Get the full picture of how vendors stack up from pricing, features and functionality, to security, integrations and all the real-metrics you care about (# peer firms using, implementation guidelines, suggested practice group...) Upload your stack for better recommendations – by adding your techstack, you can also engage in the Theorem Firm Ecosystem ("LegalTech StackShare"), for insights on peer-adoption and in-house client compatibility.

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Why share my organization's technology? How do you use our techstack information?

Theorem is a distrubuted network of shared vendor intelligence. All peer firms with a premium subscription get access to firm technology stack information, which is simply peer driven vendor intelligence. Firm intelligence allows you to see how your firm's technology "stacks up" to your peers, assists with risk management and third-party risk assessment, and helps premium users share intelligence to enhance their purchase decisions, such as peer-firm use, pricing, implementation, etc.

In addition, in-house clients are beginning to request technology competence and compatibility at an increasing rate. Assembling your technology stack gives in-house users insights into your firm's commitment to technology and providing both efficient and effective legal services. Uploading your stack is essential for your firm's consideration and engagment with certain tech-driven RFP. Don't believe us? Check out the 2020 Wolters Kluwer Future Ready Lawyer Survey:
"The study found that more corporate legal departments are expecting the law firms they hire to take advantage of technology. By 2022, 81% of corporate legal departments will require prospective law firms to describe their technology use to be more productive and efficient — almost double the rate of the 41% of corporate legal departments asking this today."

We've assembled an inhouse steering commitee for this purpose!

Do you offer Single Sign-On?

Yes! Premium users can enhance and track utilization + reduce workflow inefficiencies by adding our universal Single Sign-on to their Theorem Firm App Portal and shared workflow authentication. Setup/Upgrade required.

Can my firm list and sell products on Theorem?

Yes! We support firms in building and commercializing their own solutions–whether built in house, or built using our no-code system and third-party applications from our marketplace.

How much does it cost?

See our pricing page. We offer in-app upgrades. Setting up your organization is FREE.


How much does it cost?

You can get started with a limited trial account for FREE. There are requirements for maintaining your listing and several paid plans with information available directly in your vendor portal– starting from USD $250* Access to a number of enhanced features is contigent on becoming a marketplace seller under those plans, terms, and conditions** Marketplace Sellers, upon accepting the terms & conditions, pay transaction fees according to the fee schedule. Our goal is to make our transaction fees the lowest possible to reduce friction and not unduly harm smaller providers.

What do I get with an enhanced listing?

Access to premium insights and advanced analytics "stats tab" for your listings.

Advanced RFP participation.

Private deals and testdrive connection.
Ecosystem deals and security assessment from our partners. Early access to new releases. Advanced seller account = payment processing + available contract Standardization enrollment.


Transparency and Tech Awareness

More transparency into your outside counsels' or firms' commitment to technology that standardizes legal services for enhanced efficiency. Transparency into firm technology stacks for understanding what your team should be using internally or to collaborate with outside vendors.

Your own marketplace for legal tech adoption

Supplier Diversity Certifications

Outside counsel collaboration via your organization's current techstack



Our team is committed to leveling the playing field and providing actionable, accurate, and comprehensive intelligence that really does justice to the vibrance & sophistication of the legaltech ecosystem. Vendor intelligence is not something we need to compete over, but rather, if done correctly, could drive market standardization and a more useful, connected legal tech landscape. This is not simply about democratizing legaltech. Distribution is the real problem–the future is already here, it's just not evenly distributed. In fact, our aim is to help the legal industry and legal professionals maintain their status as the trusted advisors to the most innovative organizations facing the most complex issues of the modern age.

Theorem is about great products, GREAT DISTRIBUTION, and access to loads of alternatives, while granting your team the tools needed to assess quality, speed up your digital transformation, and most importantly, better serve your clients. Quality is in the details. Never settle.

Do you list consultants?

Consultants will have their own section of our ecosystem. For the most part, Theorem's marketplace is for commercially available legal technology applications and products (software vendors). As a general statement, we are looking for providers with subscription services. We work with consulting shops and managed services providers, which you can reach out and inquire more about partnering with us HERE

All solutions and offers are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

What about ALSPs?

To the extent the ALSP has a technology solution, they can list their offering. All service offerings and solutions providers are reviewed on a case-by-case basisand requires our administration's approval. As a general statement, we are looking for providers with subscription services...

Transaction Fees?

See fee schedule at signup. Upgraded account vendors can simply link to marketing sites and users may negotiate directly with providers. However, access to a number of enhanced features is contigent on becoming a marketplace seller under those plans, terms, and conditions. Our goal is to make our transaction fees the lowest possible to reduce friction and not unduly harm smaller providers.

Why is there so many "Non-Legaltech" solutions?

Displaying the core suite of business applications used outside of legal–particularly those whose functionality far surpases existing "legaltech" for particular non-legal specific use cases, and whose business may be growing in prominence within the legal industry–is key to understanding client compatibility and essential towards making legaltech a more connected, integral part of a complete legal services solution stack.