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LegalTech Vendors

Your Platform for Growth & Engagement. 


See How it works Below!

Getting Started

Create your Seller Account

Set up an account and access upgrades to accelerate your sales pipeline and payments.

Get Paid

Set up your Product Profiles

Add content to your product listings including media, pricing and target demographics

Add Products

Create your First Deal / Test Drive Offer

Create a test drive or special offer targeted at specific customers or organizations.

Make offers

Invite your Team Members

Invite additional users and admins who support your organization

Invite Members

NEW! Access & Advertise over Exclusive Networks

Become a member, sponsor or partner to gain exposure over private networks. Control your association spend with greater benefits than traditional sponsorship models.

Join a Network

How it works

List & Stack Up

Help law firms and in-house legal get the information they need to quickly understand and vet your solution.

Display Security Posture.


Secure success in the procurement lifecycle with a standardized assessment.

Earn a badge and highlighted position within our ecosystem security assessed section.

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Advanced Vendor Portals for managing your products

Sign up to gather & centralize your

legaltech solution offering

  • Manage listings & offer direct deals

  • Payment processing (direct vendor payments to your bank account)

  • Get competitor insights & industry updates

  • Upgrades: enhanced listing, page analytics + multiple products + security assessment + contract analysis + RFP participation + offer a Test Drive of your product

Learn how you can deliver solutions in context

Connect, Build & Deliver

Integrate with our platform to expand the reach and capability of your application.

  • No more one-off integrations.

  • Build-in client success by delivering your application in context using our pre-built solutions.

  • Build, display & deliver workflows that  highlight your solution use cases.

(coming soon to all upgraded plans!)

vendor flow.png

NEW* Standardized License Terms!

Buyers and sellers can now pre-enroll to simplify and streamline procurement.

  • Balanced license terms that address core requirements.

  • Amendable terms to support custom buyer requirements.

  • Accessible to all Theorem Marketplace Subscribers. 

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Contract Analysis and Review Badges from TermScout

Standard + Enterprise

Contract Program


Make your solution available when your customers need it.

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