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Theorem LTS

Where LegalTech Lives.

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What is it?

Learn how LegalTech Stacks up.

The Theorem Ecosystem is an interactive feature of the Theorem Platform that allows you to do an in-depth analysis of legal technologies in the market today–including, after review, those developed by law firms and ALSPs. With our advanced search and comparison tools,

you can: 

  • Gain insight into legal tech offerings; 

  • View pricing, media, features, use cases, workflow and stack compatibility, etc

  • Compare tools side-by-side and share with others

  • Easily connect with vendors, request demos and build an efficient RFP process

  • Access trusted reviews and build your own knowledge base 

 Firm and in-house subscribers can access our Theorem Platform to enhance their ecosystem experience. Start by gathering your current technology suite to (i) build your own internal Firm Ecosystem, (ii) manage your stack and respond to internal IT requests, (iii) collect and view internal use cases and reviews on the ecosystem, (iv) access basic utilities, (v) use our RFP tools, and (vi) gain enhanced insights with premium ecosystem data.


Contact us to have a conversation about your search, accessing premium data, enhancing your vendor selection, or working with us to deliver tools to your professionals.

How it works

Tech Agnostic. Neutral. Built & Priced for All.

Advanced Discovery w/ Super Powered Search

All the tools buyers need to quickly vet solutions, enhance adoption, connection and engagement.

Search the most advanced legal tech marketplace by category, functionality, task, matter, practice group, target customer, location, language, integrations, and much more. Combine available filters to narrow results further. Access peer-reviews and internal intel.


Enhanced Profiling

Profile details include product descriptions, screens, demo videos, resources, integrations, support details, technical information and Product Alternatives*

Upgrade for additional insights, such as workflow and stack compatibility to assess use cases.

*Alternatives listed are generally category competitors.

Contact us for help in evaluating products for your specific use case.

+ Advanced Comparison

Compare vendors & products side-by-side with our advanced comparison tools.

Save and share comparison states.

Firms can Upgrade for premium comparison data.

Screen Shot 2020-10-29 at 10.28.31

Filter by Security Details

provided by:

Vendors: Free security assessment w/ plan purchase*

Firms: Solutions for security insights and

Third-Party risk management

(You may now toggle on a different provider)

Inquire directly for more about our partnership

>50% AmLaw 100

Standardized License Terms!

Buyers and sellers can now pre-enroll to simplify and streamline procurement.

  • Balanced license terms that address core requirements.

  • Amendable terms to support custom buyer requirements.

  • Accessible to all Theorem Marketplace Subscribers. 

Learn more / Collaborate with Us

Standard + Enterprise

Contract Program


Upgrade for Premium Insights

Access shared premium firm and vendor intelligence + reports.


Commit to a premium one-year plan and get insights into how your firm stacks up, as well as enhanced vendor intelligence and comparison tools.

Help us build a tech enabled legal ecosystem.

collaborate in our development

accelerate adoption of your technology

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