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Custom Networks
Powered by Theorem

Companies, schools, associations and consortiums can now build your very own branded legal tech platform & marketplace. We offer the platform so you can focus on leveraging your unique network effects.

Legal Networks


NEW! Powering Legal Networks Globally

Join one of our networks or create one! Our no-code builder allows organizations to create and monetize their very own legal tech hub and marketplace. 

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Proud platform for:


10+ private networks

A Platform for growing your network

Offer greater benefits to your network with year-round access to your Member portal.


Customizable member solution store (e-Shop), with ready-to-use testdrives. Easily invite users, organizations and vendors. Enable private network offers. Built-in payments. Separate Subscription*


Set Up Your Technology Hub

Help your members collaborate on discovering new solutions in a branded ecosystem. Enable special network offers and group benefits.

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Custom Member Store

Create your own branded store, invite providers and build your network's value with private member content. Benefit from real-time network updates.

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More About Networks


With the launch of Theorem networks, approved organizations ("Networks") can build their very own completely branded legal tech platform & marketplace. Network admins can tailor content based on the network's region or focus, such as by role or practice group. They can offer deals and test drives from participating vendors, enable shared reviews and user stories, and permission content for network members. The platform has fully integrated payments and monetization tools.

Any organization or group of people can create a network on Theorem. Some networks are open while others are exclusive – filled with member-added reviews, user stories & content. For example, you may create/join a law firm, accessible to only the firm’s employees and clients.


Using the platform, teams can completely customize the look and layout of their marketplace/store and ecosystem. Moreover, each network benefits from Theorem’s research, platform, features, offers, growth and updated content.

Theorem supports all network structures, including those with member-organizations rather than individual members. Theorem also enables administrators to monetize their network portals, supporting any type of business model.


Current networks includes some of the most innovative law firms and their clients, legal associations and role-specific groups.


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Featured networks


Network Association
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Join the ELTA Network and access their network’s custom ecosystem. Vendors can join and sponsor for greater exposure.


Network Association
More info

Join the ALITA Network on Theorem and access their network’s custom ecosystem. Open to members and vendors.

For Vendors:

NEW! Access Exclusive Networks

Become a member, sponsor or partner to gain exposure over private networks. Control your association spend with greater benefits than traditional sponsorship models.

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For Vendors: Subject to each Network's Terms and Conditions, Sponsorship and Advertising capabilities may be available.

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