Your Legal Technology Command Center.

Adopt, Integrate and Secure all your legaltech platforms with centralized workflow automation.


The first operating system built just for legal.

LegalOps meets prospective tech

Marketplace + Platform + Workflow Engine


Our platform enables legal operations teams to enhance service delivery without introducing new systems, forms, or processes–while granting access to a whole new world of alternatives, connections and collaboration.

  • Procure

    Leverage a vetted network to save time and money in discovering, assessing and buying new legal technology.

  • Connect

    Enable interoperability between your current systems and future legal technology applications.

  • Scale

    Theorem ​Workflow Canvas,

     automate routine tasks without coding—saving your team valuable time.


Your entire legal service workflow – connected.


Business connections


Track & increase third-party application utilization.

Workflow driven app engagement

Use Theorem to build your playbook for third-party app engagement and put technology in the hands of your professionals precisely when they need it.


+ In context app recommendations

+ Universal Single Sign-On

+ Utilization metrics

Start building a tech enabled firm. Let us walk you through it.

collaborate in our development

accelerate adoption of your technology

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