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Your LegalTech Platform & Marketplace

Powering workflow driven technology adoption for the legal industry.



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Where People Process Technology

Join our marketplace and unlock free access to pricing benchmarks, community insights, procurement automation, and more.

Marketplace Features
Your Buyer Benefits:

RFP Builder

Match efficiently with top solution providers for your projects.

Legal Tech Stack Community

See the tools your peers are using and tap into the collective power of the world's largest legal software buying community.

Premium Procurement

  • Buyer Guides

  • Pricing Benchmarks

  • Negotiation Support

  • Procurement Automation 
    + more

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THEOREM MARKETPLACE: Legal Tech & Services

Tailored App Store w/ RFP

We bring the top solutions to you. Engage with providers from our vetted legal vendor network that meet your requirements. Marketplace tools guide the process.

APP: Manage Your Legal Stack

Your Legal Tech Stack

Help your teams identify your firm's toolbox and centralize secure access.  

Track, manage and deliver solutions with integrations. Save by Identifying overspend and eliminating underutilized platforms.

All your suppliers, spend and renewals in one place!

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