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Welcome to Theorem Legal Networks, the building blocks for anyone who aims to improve and expand the marketplace for legal technology and services through their very own customized legal tech platform.

With the launch of Theorem Networks, legal organizations can focus on leveraging their unique network effects — confident that they have the most advanced platform out there for connecting buyers and sellers with the tools and data they need. The platform can be used to empower community and create all new business opportunities. Our Commerce API hosts the building blocks for your network – complete with Search, Payments, subscriptions, messaging, and workflow automation + more. Companies, schools, associations and consortiums are building their very own branded legal marketplaces on the platform – each a "network" on Theorem. Nine major legal organizations are already participating in Theorem’s network offering. Customizations are available to network admins to suit their use case - including the ability to add approval processes, special deals and incorporate custom data fields. The platform hosts out-of-the-box features to streamline legal operations and solution identification. These include:

  • Built-in Stack Management

  • Personalization: recommendations by role, industry, current tool set etc.

  • Advanced Marketplace, with:

    • Side-by-side solution comparison

    • RFP and procurement workflow

    • Dedicated APP and Services Marketplaces with different feature sets for each type

    • Company / Law firm directory

    • Vendor security and contract assessments

    • The first "Stackshare" for network members / clients to share and review stack decisions (the tools and services you use = your stack)

To learn more or request info, please visit:

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