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Introducing #LegalTech Use Cases

Mapping solution use cases by firm and client lifecycle with LegalTech leaders

Calling all #legaltech innovators to our latest collaboration – Legal Tech Use Cases!

Announced today, Vendors can now easily highlight their solution use cases across the Theorem ecosystem. Firms, legal departments, and legal organizations can use the Theorem Platform to display legaltech use cases on vendor profile pages and create their own shareable innovation hub–a knowledge center that offers upgrades towards a fully-featured solution store and workflow engine. Data from the uses cases initiative will result in a new interactive portal highlighting provider solutions by the stages of the client-centered law firm’s workflow (shown above and defined below).

Theorem is offering both firm discounts and special access for participating vendors in sharing their use cases for this initiative:

Our goal at Theorem is to establish –with mathematical precision– the who, what, when, where, why and how surrounding the use of every #legaltech solution. We can distribute solutions to end users within their workflow, while enabling a flywheel of vendor intelligence to fuel adoption and save your firm time & money. We simply must enable broader collaboration among industry stakeholders, and this is a great step forward – Joshua Maley, attorney & cofounder @Theorem LTS

Read on for details and insights from our collaborators


As it is in this day and age, two of Theorem’s favorite advisory board members hit up social media – and best believe, we were listening. It’s amazing how many of these conversations are happening on threads across platforms, in phone calls to peers at firms across the street, all without a better means of sharing or capturing insights.

At Theorem, we were just starting to develop our new use cases feature. This was an opportunity to fill a need, bring new perspectives to the table, and develop a better approach to aggregating and displaying solution data. In the spirit of collaboration, we also brought in another board member, Angelina Colombo to share her perspective as COO & Head of Legal Ops @Citizens Bank (gotta bring in the client after all…) We all quickly realized that narrowing the viewing window for solutions data was difficult, but not impossible. We could leverage Theorem’s tech, taxonomy and parent-child category relationships (hierarchy) to display solutions downstream.

Growth Insight - Maya Markovich, CGO @ Nextlaw Labs, Dentons “The legal tech industry has grown exponentially in the last few years with no sign of slowing, resulting in an overwhelming number of solutions across the globe. Legal professionals spend needless time, energy and money to simply decipher what many products actually do. Legal service providers need help honing in on the right solutions to solve their challenges, and legal tech companies can benefit from sharing their value proposition in an actionable way with legal professionals. Theorem parses those products and brings clarity to the legal technology landscape.”


An organization’s product use cases (among other things such as reviews and workflows) are displayed for members of that specific organization and identified as such when members are signed into the Theorem marketplace. Use cases can also be shared anonymously for all marketplace participants. Vendor added use cases are displayed for all.

Knowledge Insight - Vishal Agnihotri, Chief Knowledge Officer - Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP "The obstacles impeding shared vendor knowledge have been blown away in the new age of digital transformation. We all want to discover tangible case studies – that is, to understand WHO is using WHAT and HOW these solutions are being used so that we can better advise our clients and scale innovation efforts. Cross-firm collaboration in an ecosystem full of strictly legal stakeholders might just deliver on the promising advantages we could achieve, as an industry, through shared vendor intelligence."

Every use case contains the:


· Who: Could benefit from this product (Firm type, Role, Practice group, Location…)

· What: Which tool, What feature of that tool

· When: Description of the trigger event – is it an application interaction, a task or other event where automation may be applied

· Where: At what workflow/lifecycle stage is this product most useful?

· Why/How: How it’s used and a description of what users can accomplish

💭🤔Applying IRAC principles to break down solution use cases.

Not familiar with IRAC?? nbd, you’re probably a better person for it… it’s a law school hack.

Sharing your tech stack data

In-House Operations Insight: - Angelina Colombo, COO & Head of Legal Ops at Citizens Bank
"We need our outside counsel to help us understand the transformational technologies that affect our business. Given in-house operational challenges, understanding how firms use products and which firms are committed to using technology to engage more effectively and efficiently is a major plus. Theorem allows outside counsels to privately share this information by highlighting in-house use cases for their clients."

More from other in-house professionals: Law Firms Keep Us in the Dark on Legal Tech, Complain General Counsel: Credit LAW.COM - 'I never, ever get tech solutions offered by firms,' says one in-house legal head, while several others believe products are too closely guarded.


Stage Definitions: Client Prospecting - Law firm marketing, differentiation, and outreach efforts in pursuit of new client acquisition

· Client Intake - Onboarding a new client and gathering data needed to open their legal matter

· Delivering the Work or Performing the Work - Delivery of core legal services to client, through to matter completion

· Matter Administration or Managing the Work - Gathering, tracking, assigning, and reporting on legal work performed, including time capture and billing; matter management; knowledge management; risk management; confidentiality/rights management

· Firm Governance: Managing the legal business entity, including people/resources, finance/operations, cybersecurity, and clients

· Add new (vendors are limited in selection but can make a request)

Shoutout to the lead developers: Greyson Elkins,

Albert De Guzman



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