Your Legal Technology Command Center.

Helping firms & in-house legal teams better serve their clients and improve workflow.  


Why Theorem?

  • Build your internal innovation hub:
    (manage your stack, internal technology requests, build your knowledge center)

  • Scale procurement, connection & automation. Easy RFP.

  • Track and increase utilization. Reduce redundancy to save money.

  • Meet your security, compliance and diversity requirements.

  • Capture competitive intelligence & insights.

  • Build and sell technology solutions to improve client service.

Marketplace/Ecosystem: Get the full picture of how vendors stack up–from pricing and functionality, to security, integrations and all the real-metrics you care about (e.g., # peer firms using, implementation guidelines and best practices).


Innovation Hub: We're helping firms aggregate plug-and-play solutions, manage core services and internal requests, build and coordinate workflows, while aiming to provide service bundles by practice area, alongside unparalleled legal industry intelligence. Test Drives NOW AVAILABLE!

Get started: Build your stack to gain insights. Inquire to learn how to integrate your workspace.

How Theorem Works

Marketplace + Platform + Workflow Engine

1. Search, Compare and Assess

Leverage our vetted network of shared vendor intelligence to save time and money in discovering, assessing and buying new legal technology. 

Read more about our ecosystem

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2. Create Your Single Platform for Legal Technology Engagement

Gather & centralize your legal technology application stack across every practice group and office at the firm, anywhere in the world. Help your teams collaborate on internal technology use.

Upgrade to:

  • Secure Access w/ Single Sign-On

  • Manage and track sign-in / utilization 

  • Identify Shadow IT Spend

  • Deliver solutions within end-user workflows

  • Experience and intelligence capture 

3. Build, Connect, Automate

The first specialized automation platform built just for legal. Enhanced drag-and-drop interoperability. Separate License Subscription**

  • Build & deliver full-stack legal services solutions to your team and clients.

  • Easily connect to virtually any third party technology or data source to enable interoperability between your current systems and future legal technology applications.

  • Automate routine tasks without introducing new systems, forms, or processes–while granting access to a whole new world of alternatives, connections and collaboration.


Your entire legal service workflow – connected.



Business tool connections

NEW* Standardized License Terms!

Buyers and sellers can now pre-enroll to simplify and streamline procurement.

  • Balanced license terms that address core requirements.

  • Amendable terms to support custom buyer requirements.

  • Accessible to all Theorem Marketplace Subscribers. 

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Standard + Enterprise

Contract Program


NEW* New Features!

  • Private innovation hub + knowledge center with your team's data displayed right on marketplace

  • RFP for procurement coordination

  • TestDrive applications

  • Private Offers

  • Firms as Sellers

For more info: Check out our Roadmap


One LegalTech Tech Platform. Unlimited possibilities.

Your single digital gateway for your firm's legal technology application stack.


  • Increase engagement.  Enhance secure delivery.

  • Centralize provisioning and access requests

  • Sandbox test and data environments

Start building a tech enabled firm. Let us walk you through it.

collaborate in our development

accelerate adoption of your technology

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