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In-House Connect Launches LegalTech Marketplace on Theorem

In-house connect legal tech marketplace

Theorem LTS, the legal technology platform and marketplace, is pleased to announce that In-House Connect (IHC), a networking and educational platform that serves over 50,000 in-house subscribers, has chosen Theorem as the platform for its new Legal Tech Solutions directory and legal marketplace.

We are extremely excited to welcome over 50,000 In-House Connect subscribers to our expanding network and further our mission to power the world’s legal tech marketplace. This innovative organization shares our commitment to collaboration and innovation that supports the legal community’s advancement, learning and business development. Their growth and inclusiveness will no doubt improve our community.” – Joshua Maley, CEO


With more than 50,000 in-house subscribers, In-House Connect is rapidly becoming the preferred networking and educational platform for the in-house legal ecosystem. IHC joins as the eleventh major legal organization participating in Theorem’s network offering, a system that empowers organizations to build their very own legal tech platform and marketplace. The IHC network on Theorem will host proprietary content, deals and insights that are unique to its network and it is available, completely FREE.

“Technology is a fundamental part of in-house legal practice. I’m very excited to be bringing the Theorem marketplace to the In-House Connect community, which will bring awareness to the many fantastic legal solutions out there for in-house legal teams.” – Shai, Founder  IHC. KEY FEATURES Your FREE In-House Subscriber Benefits:

  • Premium Marketplace Access | Discover top Legal Tech and service providers.

  • RFP Builder | Get bids from leading solution providers for your project.

  • LegalTech StackShare | See the tools your colleagues use.

  • Exclusive Member Insights & Offers

Over 95% of in-house counsel now require firms to describe their dedication and use of technology to be more efficient – while leading organizations continue to demand transparency on price and peer-adoption. It was inevitable that these needs would converge into a single marketplace experience. Where better than through a dedicated in-house network built on a foundation of connection!


BENEFITS BY USER TYPE: For In-house & Law firm professionals:

In addition to the advanced feature set that accompanies marketplace access, the new platform is built to streamline procurement, with built-in RFP, benchmarking tools and community insights. Personalization is available to tailor content and recommendations based on a member’s region or focus, such as by industry, role or practice group – as well as their current technology tool set.

Moreover, the platform enhances efforts to standardize procurement operations and solution vetting – with integrated tools for supplier management and analyzing provider contracts, including their security and compliance postures.

Added for Law Firms:

In addition to buy-side benefits, Law firms receive their own dedicated marketplace for promoting their firm’s services, and now have access to business development tools for showcasing their teams and tech-enabled or SaaS offerings in the marketplace. For Software Vendors and Other Providers: Vendors receive their own dedicated interface. Sponsors and participating vendors can gain enhanced exposure, promote educational content, and add offers to the network. See Pricing --

To learn more or request access, please visit:

To create and account or join IHC as a Vendor, please visit: Questions? Contact, To guarantee delivery of our emails please to your address bookand safe senders list.


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