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Theorem LTS, the legal technology platform and marketplace, is pleased to announce that the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC), the premier legal network for legal operations, technology, and innovation around the globe, has chosen Theorem as the platform for its new technology hub and legal tech vendor directory. “We are proud to be working with CLOC. CLOC’s leadership and community are outstanding. We are very impressed by the team’s dedication to ‘run it like a startup’ and I have no doubt that our partnership will improve the platform for the entire ecosystem.” – Joshua Maley, CEO Theorem. CLOC joins as the ninth major legal organization participating in Theorem’s network offering, a system that empowers organizations to build their very own legal tech platform and marketplace. This solution has created a network of markets — all built on a single software platform. As one of the leading organizations dedicated to transforming the business and practice of law, CLOC attracts professionals across the entire legal ecosystem. CLOC serves thousands of members from leading corporate legal departments — such as Intel, Google and many of the most innovative venture backed startups — to leading law firms and professional services firms who seek to engage with the in-house ecosystem. “Our goal is to leverage an upgraded platform that delivers significantly enhanced services to all stakeholders and helps us offer the greatest benefit to our diverse membership. The Theorem platform has helped us respond quickly to active member discussions about their needs. I am amazed by the initial participation in new features that the legal community has never seen before.” – Michael Getter, CTO, CLOC

Partnering with CLOC marks Theorem's first real push to support the in-house vertical, resulting in a three-side marketplace and new transaction opportunities. In this type of ecosystem, there is a dynamic flywheel of supply–demand as providers take on the roles of buyer and seller. “Theorem’s goal is simple: fix enterprise sales in legal by helping buyers and sellers transact, fast and fair. We do this by offering an end-to-end feature set, while enabling new markets and achieving scale through partnerships with leading organizations.”- JM

The Release (See benefits by user-type below) Unveiled at CGI 2022, the CLOC platform features an advanced vendor directory (with dedicated services and asset marketplaces), a suite of procurement tools, and the first legal tech Stack Share™ for members to share and collaborate on vendor selection. The platform will host exclusive deals and test drives from participating vendors and feature the first legal tech company directory. Hundreds of vendors and legal professionals from leading law firms and legal departments have already joined the platform. The platform is available to both members and non-members – with special perks, offers and discounts reserved for active CLOC members (including vendors) BENEFITS BY USER TYPE: For In-house & Law firm professionals:

In addition to the advanced feature set that accompanies marketplace access, the new platform hosts several new features to streamline legal operations and solution identification, including built-in RFP. Personalization is available to tailor content and recommendations based on a member’s region or focus, such as by industry, role, or practice group – as well as their current technology tool set.

Moreover, the platform enhances efforts to standardize procurement operations and solution vetting – with integrated tools for analyzing provider contracts and their security and compliance postures. Added for Law Firms:

Law firms receive their own dedicated directory for promoting their company’s services, and now have access to business development tools for showcasing their tech and tech-enabled offerings in the marketplace. For Software Vendors and Other Providers: These vendors receive their own dedicated interface. Sponsors and participating vendors can gain enhanced exposure, promote educational content, and add exclusive offers to the network. Vendors who are CLOC members will receive more benefits, such as discounted pricing. Vendors can now manage listing(s) on Theorem’s network of marketplaces from a single spot. --

To learn more or request access, please visit:

To join CLOC, please visit: or go directly to DON'T FORGET: Add and to your address book to ensure that you receive our notifications and emails.

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