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Built for

I. Your Platform for Legal Technology
A. Identify and adopt new technologies as you scale 
end-to-end workflows and enhance service delivery with Theorem.Cloud.
i. People & Process: Using an event-driven architecture, Theorem's workflow engine helps law firms and legal departments collaborate in automating routine processes in a simple, no-code environment.

Our Theorem–Your Platform

Discover. Deploy. Deliver.

Our legal tech platform powers contextual awareness and adoption of digital solutions for the legal industry that enhance workflow.

Discover & Integrate

Easily connect to virtually any third party technology or data source to drive connected and intelligent processes with Machine Learning. Improve communication and collaboration among internal and external team members using a single platform.


Task & Workflow Management

Theorem No-Code automation platform enables simple creation of workflows and decision trees in a drag-and-drop interface. 

How Firms Get Value w/ Theorem


Scale automation across your legal operations 


Innovate fast with new products and services


Capture business intelligence across all your operations

Law Firms

Need to differentiate & remain price competitive?

Theorem provides an ecosystem to develop and trial new and more efficient client services, build in profitability and predictability, and incorporate best-in-class Third Party technology.


Improve workflow compliance


Deliver legal work & advice faster 

Price Predictability

Reduce the risk & cost of adoption


Legal Departments

Capture and unlock the value of your in-house expertise


Improve organizational compliance. Close deals faster.


Deliver technology & automation to scale operations


Gain insights into outside counsel and procurement


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