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About Us

Marketplace + Platform + Workflow Engine

What We do?

Theorem LTS streamlines law firm and legal department technology adoption by helping them Buy, Track and Connect their firm’s software.

We help legal teams identify new tools in our marketplace, track all their software subscriptions through our platform, and get those tools talking to each other to increase workflow adoption/utilization.

In one simple signup flow, firms get the immediate benefit of creating a single portal for all their technology so that their people can discover and access it––all while capturing the who, what, when, where and why for each tool.

With Theorem, firms can save an average of 15 percent of their SaaS spend in the first year by discovering unused licenses. Your legal team’s new Theorem portal will help you identify gaps and overlap in your software stack, while helping your end-users answer the following:

  • When Should I use a tool?

  • How does this tool help me better serve the client?

  • What personnel/groups use what tools? In what locations?

  • Which professionals at my firm use this tool? How is it used?

Our Mission


End-to-End Legal Tech Adoption.

Theorem aims to be the most authoritative online source of information about Legal Technology, igniting a trustworthy atmosphere for refined legal technology collaboration, adoption and delivery.

Level the playing field. Make it simple for firms that lack the dedicated innovation resources to adopt new technology, with immediate access to core solutions bundles (utilities). Empower every firm with their very own legal tech observatory and knowledge center.

Lower Costs. Increase access to quality alternatives, while identifying areas to reduce cost and shadow IT spend. Reduce procurement friction and the time to deployment.

Enhance collaboration. Greater transparency with one ecosystem for Firms, Legal Departments, Vendors, Consultants, ALSPs, Students, & Associations. FOR ALL SIZES. Check out our user types & Build Your Team.

Standardize and reduce vendor risk. We work with best-in-class third-party risk management (TPRM), compliance and contract solutions providers to deliver a more standardized, secure and stable environment. Read more about our network of shared vendor intelligence. Buyers and Sellers can opt-in to our Marketplace Standard Contract terms, or purchase objective contract reviews.

Deliver solutions in context. Our underlying no-code platform can prospectively identify and deliver your firm's technology within your end-users' workflow.

Inspire a new era of legal software development. Combine unparalleled compatibility with a low-cost platform featuring enhanced workflow tools that far surpass the current state of "expert systems"; thereby, promoting the development and distribution of technology powered legal services.

Help companies Sell and Purchase new technology solutions that make customers HAPPY 😁!

Connecting You with LegalTech

Enhancing the Client


Delivering solutions within workflow

What Makes Us Different?

Differentiating through our values.

Our Values

Market Driven Standardization

Tech agnostic. Neutral.


NOT a limited consortium of firms. NO vendor preference.

Cost effective and sustainable:  Priced for broad access and sustainability.

Offering solutions to companies of all sizes. Fast time to value.

Committed to content accuracy: Peer-driven and policed. Internally and programmatically vetted content. We've built an architecture of checks and balances for the most consequential data.

Focused on Great products, and Great Distribution: Committed to building useful things. Lightweight deployment on our ecosystem. Value delivery on day one. A superhighway for legal innovation across the globe.

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