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Building the future of law.

All Subscribed Users

Enhanced AI-Search

Personalized search and complete parent-child search term concept-matching for enhanced solution identification. (DONE)

Firms (In-house + Law firms)

1. Pricing & Buyers Guides

A side-by-side pricing guide for users to see how the different solutions stack up against each other. Delivered in app. Customizable "peer firm" analytics.

2. Service bundles by practice area

A suite of practice specific solutions you can access with your membership to get started on digital transformation. Currently, "CoreStack" utilities (for all practice groups) are available and expanding.

3. Law firms as solutions providers

Available Now [Beta] By Request. Enabling law firms to sell their software solutions in the marketplace, build new solutions, and display products on their in-app profile pages. See below for ALSP + professional services.

4. Private Networks

Create your own private group of professionals that are your go-to for vendor intelligence and market data. Private org content available to members of your network and visible on vendor profiles. Available Now - Requires an active firm sub*

5. Virtual Expense Accounts

Control your teams spend on vendor transactions with virtual expense accounts and custom rules.


1. Custom Vendor Pages

Get a custom branded vendor page displaying all your products.

Available under Enterprise Plan - Submit Request

2. Custom Sales tools

Embed intake forms, calendars and route to the right sales person.

3. Professional Services + ALSP

Professional Services listing and offerings. Contact us to get started.

Firms & Vendors

Contract standardization

Standardized License Terms!

Simplify and streamline procurement with standardized software license terms in Theorem Marketplace / Ecosystem, produced in collaboration with top law firms (get in touch to collaborate). Our Standard and Enterprise Contracts for Theorem Marketplace aim to accelerate procurement and adoption of new technology. All Theorem Marketplace customers will be able to subscribe to and immediately deploy software under these terms, eliminating the need to negotiate contracts for every purchase.

Enterprise Contract


  • Enterprise-class license terms that address enterprise requirements 

  •  Accessible to enrolled Theorem enterprise buyers

  •  Amendable terms to support custom buyer requirements 

Standard Contract


  • Balanced license terms that address core requirements 

  •  Accessible to all Theorem Marketplace buyers 

  •  Amendable terms to support custom buyer requirements 

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