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Streamline Security Assessment

Demonstrate your commitment to security and compliance best practices with an assessment from our partners at Prevalent Inc.

>50% AmLaw 100

Share a standardized self-assessment

with all of your customers!

Be Proactive, Not Reactive 

Theorem is the only marketplace where providers can directly purchase standard assessments for the legal industry.

The Theorem Marketplace enables vendors, suppliers and service providers to eliminate the reactive, redundant and manual labor involved in responding to customer security assessments. All you have to do is complete one of the widely recognized self-assessments below, share it with all of your customers, and update it as necessary.

No more spreadsheets!

Standardizing Risk & Compliance

Vendors can purchase the following assessments and receive the corresponding badge for display within our ecosystem.

Description: The SIG Core is an 800-question assessment designed for assessing service providers that store or manage highly sensitive or regulated information, such as consumer information or trade secrets. This level is meant to provide a deeper level of understanding about how a service provider secures information and services. It is meant to meet the needs of almost all assessments, based on industry standards.​

Description: The SIG Lite is a 300-question assessment designed to provide a broad but high-level understanding about an Assessees internal information security controls. This level is for Assessees that need a basic level of due diligence. It can also be used as a preliminary assessment before a more detailed review.

SIG Assessment Contents

18 Sections covering everything your clients need to know

2020 SIG Lite: Section A - Risk Assessment

2020 SIG Lite: Section B - Security Policy

2020 SIG Lite: Section C - Security Organization

2020 SIG LITE: Section E - Human Resources

2020 SIG Lite: Section T - Threat Management

2020 SIG Lite: Section U - Server Security

2020 SIG Lite: Section V - Cloud Hosting

2020 SIG Lite: Section D - Asset & Information Management

2020 SIG Lite: Section F - Physical Security

2020 SIG Lite: Section G - Operations Management

2020 SIG Lite: Section H - Access Control

2020 SIG Lite: Section I - Application Security

2020 SIG Lite: Section J - Incident Event & Comms

2020 SIG Lite: Section K - Business Resiliency

2020 SIG Lite: Section L - Compliance

2020 SIG Lite: Section M - End User Device Sec

2020 SIG Lite: Section N - Network Security

2020 SIG Lite: Section P – Privacy

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